Episode 089



June 13th, 2020

1 hr 18 mins 2 secs

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HEADS UP! this episode was originally recorded on 31/05/2020.

Us guys here at Ace Comicals believe that everyone should have a voice and everyone should be included and treated equally regardless of race, colour, religion, gender or sexual orientation. It’s in our motto, yes in the wording it is comics centric but we do stand for these values whether we are talking about freedom of expression in comics or in the world in general. Now more than ever we take a stand for this. We stand and are counted. Shoulder to shoulder in solidarity and support. For the end of racism. For the end of police brutality and fascist ideals. We believe that being a good ally means that it is not enough to ‘not be racist’ but that one needs to be actively anti-racist. This means de-centering yourself, listening, educating yourself and then others. Your friends, your family, your colleagues, your classmates.

Black Lives Matter

In this episode, Greg and Leon discuss the following comics:

This episode is also the debut of our new intro theme taken from a track called Bud Rott by Leicester band and friends of the show Beef D'reef you can buy their recently released EP High Steaks here!

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