007: "Mutant Without A Cause"

About This Episode

This episode: Greg has discovered his wildest fever dream in comic form, Namwolf! Takes a trip to a vampire run BBQ joint in Texas with Redneck, and discovers 'Cantik', music without the help of gods in Godshaper.
Leon has been correcting time paradoxes with The Infinite Loop and fantasy-adventuring with the hard as nails, badass Rat Queens! While Rahul explores what it means to have great power in They’re Not Like Us and takes a sobering look at the events unfolding in Syria through Kobane Calling. There's also some Free Comic Book Day hype! As always with a side order of other stuff we think is worth your time!


  • Saturday May 6th is Free Comic Book Day! So get down to your local Comic Book shop and check it out! Check with your local store to see what kinds of events they may be running. Have fun! We would love to hear about what comics you picked up and what was going on where you are so get in touch at acecomicals@gmail.com.

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