Episode 005

005: "Load Bearing Stack"


April 5th, 2017

1 hr 10 mins 35 secs

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Welcome to episode 005!

This episode: Greg gets buried alive in an avalanche of comics including Underwinter, God Country, and Ghostbusters 101!
Leon has been digging through some recent IDW stuff, namely Locke & Key - Small World and Darkness Visible! And Rahul Returns from Japan with his thoughts on Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), The Spirited Away Film Comic, and Good Night World

All this and a bunch of other stuff we think is totally worth your time!


-During the show we mention that a friend of ours, the brilliant artist @Wisesnail! has been asked to provide some Variant covers for

-@Wisesnail has provided covers for Highlander American Dream Issues #1 and #2 and a cool X-Files/Orphan Black mash up for X-Files Deviations 2017 #1

-You can see some of @Wisesnail's other amazing work here on Instagram

-The cool Spirited Away Film Comics that Rahul talks about can be found here!

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