Episode 009

009: ACP Aliens ("Salvation" and "Dead Orbit")


May 17th, 2017

53 mins 25 secs

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In Anticipation of the latest cinematic entry in the Alien franchise, we read two offerings of the comic variety both old and new.
we get to grips with the Mike Mignoa and Dave Gibbons 1993 tale Aliens: Salvation and James Stokoe's Aliens: Dead Orbit #1, In an Aliens double feature of fear, violence and fantastic artwork!

Aliens: Salvation Is the tale of a devout christian who is forced to abandon the Space Freighter he is contracted to with his mad captain, after something goes horribly wrong with the cargo they have been charged with. Stranded on an inhospitable alien planet. as a result, his faith is tested to the very limits as he tries to survive against the planet itself, and the deadly cargo!

Aliens: Dead Orbit is a brand new book and we have Issue 1! Its the story of an Engineering Officer named Wascylewski, on a station out in distant space, versus the deadly Xenomorph menace!

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