Episode 036

036: "Wallowing in Cheetos and Beer"


May 30th, 2018

2 hrs 17 mins 20 secs

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In this episode, Greg, Leon and Rahul discuss their bank holiday weekend plans, watching Deadpool 2 and Solo (and associated cinema horror stories), their wants and misgivings on the current state of comic book movie adaptations, how both the movie studios and the comic fan-base are letting down the comics industry, the dilemma of having to sacrifice the comics you want to read in order to keep up with the zeitgeist (or choosing not to), how we tackle "resuming" runs that we took a long break from reading, how we sometimes focus too much on "solving" a story or piece of art instead of letting it gestate, and the topic of mental health through the lens of comic books.

Greg and Leon also recently guest starred on "Dynamite in the Brain: The Podcast That Loves Anime" to discuss the recently released Batman Ninja (2018) movie. Be sure to check it out, and subscribe to DitB!

They also discuss the following comics:

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