Episode 111



May 14th, 2021

2 hrs 53 mins 43 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Greg, Leon and Rahul are joined by special guest Marvyn For the fourth installment in our epic discussion and breakdown of BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL.

Bane has been defeated by a new, darker, reckless and more violent Batman and now he rules the night. Jean-Paul Valley for better or worse wears the cowl… What follows is our discussion and the highlights of his career as Batman! It’s all mostly mercs and hitmen from here on out…

We cover:
-Detective Comics #667-675

-Robin #1-2
-Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #19-20 and #24-28
-Batman #501-508
-Catwoman #6-7
-Showcase ’94 #7

This is the portion of the Knightfall epic known as “KNIGHTQUEST: THE CRUSADE” and covers Jean-Paul Valley's tenure as Batman and time in the cowl, in Gotham.
It is at this point that there is a fork in the path for the Knightfall saga and as mentioned in previous episodes in this series “KNIGHTQUEST: THE SEARCH” is the other part of the story, concerning Bruce Wayne's recovery and globetrotting quest to rescue Dr Kinsolving and Tim Drake's Father. In reading order we have put "The Search" after "The Crusade" although the events are happening simultaneously.

We also discuss "The Search" broadly at the beginning of this episode, but we ultimately decided to give more time to "The Crusade" because it is the better written and more interesting side of events.

"The Search" covers:
-Justice League Task Force #5-6,
-Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #21-23,
-Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight #59-61
-Robin #7

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