Episode 113



June 16th, 2021

2 hrs 39 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Greg, Leon and Rahul are joined by special guest Marvyn For the fifth and final installment in our epic discussion and breakdown of BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL.


Following the events of “KNIGHTQUEST: THE CRUSADE” and “KNIGHTQUEST: THE SEARCH” , Bruce Wayne has returned to Gotham. Alfred has gone. Jean-Paul valley’s campaign of terror and one knight, deepy violent crusade on crime has ravaged Gotham. The mansion is in a state of disrepair and Gotham has lost trust in her champion. The mantle of the Bat now resides in the iron claw of a zealous dark paladin who has appointed himself judge, jury and executioner. Bruce is determined to take back the mantle and correct his mistake, to restore the Batman, as a symbol to its former glory. But first he needs to regain his edge, before going toe to toe with Jean-Paul for the title!

Now there really is just one arc here that closes out the battle and puts the mantle back where it belongs with Bruce Wayne. But following Knightfall the story is not truly over. It isn’t a tidy ending, which is why we chose to cover the fallout for true closure! This is collected in two subsequent chunks “BATAMAN: PRODIGAL” and “BATMAN: TROIKA”

It's all here. The thrilling conclusion to the BATMAN: KNIGHTFALL SAGA and the fallout of these explosive events!

Batman: KnightsEnd Covers:

Batman #509-510
Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #29-30
Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight #62-63
Robin #8-9
Detective Comics #676-677
Catwoman #12-13
Showcase ’94 #10

Batman: Prodigal Covers:

Batman #512-514
Batman: Shadow Of The Bat #32-34
Robin #0, 11-13

Detective Comics #679-681

Batman: Troika Covers:

Batman #515
Batman: Shadow Of The Bat#35
Detective Comics #682
Robin #14
Nightwing: Alfred Returns
Batman: Vengeance Of Bane #2

Note: Some minor fan noise can be heard at points during this episode, it was very hot ok? we tried our best to remove it but we couldn't silence it completely... sorry!

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