Episode 121



November 10th, 2021

1 hr 51 mins 44 secs

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In this episode, Greg and Leon are joined by special guests Nigel and Tazziii for the crackling epicentre of a universe shattering event! part of a crossover with the Mayamada Story X Story Podcast We are here to discuss Jack Kirby's ETERNALS.

In honor of the introduction of THE ETERNALS to the MCU we are going to be taking a look at The beginning of the Marvel Universe's Mythology, laid down by the king himself Jack Kirby. Riffing on the existence of gods, demons, monsters and heroes of ancient times. The genesis of man to modern day, told the marvel way. The yarn spun about beginnings of life on Earth and beyond in the Marvel Universe! It all begins here with Jack Kirby's bronze age books.

Diving into the THE ETERNALS (1976) We aim to provide you with an overview of the Marvel creation myth as well as discussing some truly great comics!

Below is the comparison image mentioned during the cast that illustrates the similarity of The Eternals title title lettering to that of the 1971 Bantam paperback edition of "Chariots Of The Gods?"


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