Episode 140



November 22nd, 2022

1 hr 16 mins 56 secs

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In this episode, Greg is joined by special guest Dr Joe Sutliff Sanders to discuss, primarily his work in creating and launching the first world-class collection of graphic novels at Cambridge’s Lucy Cavendish College. The initial and core focus of the library is the prioritisation of works by LGBTQ+ creators, women, Indigenous peoples and people of colour.
We discuss the reasons behind the decision to create this groundbreaking library and collection at an institution like Cambridge University, along with how this might impact the medium.
We discuss why this library is important and also what the potential of the library might be in the future. We touch on his other work within the comics sphere as an academic, and also talk about the comics, stories and experiences that have informed Dr Sutliff Sanders as a champion of the medium among a range of other things! (a lot of Batman).

This Library is being built using cash donations. any donations, large or small in any currency are gratefully accepted. To support the Lucy Cavendish College Library’s Graphic Novels Collection donations can be made here: https://www.lucy.cam.ac.uk/single-donation These donations go straight to the Graphic Novels Collection -- only that and nothing else -- so donors can be assured that they are helping to make outstanding authors who are female, queer, indigenous, marginalized, and people of colour part of the conversation for all time.

Comics are a unique medium that has a wealth of wonderful voices from marginalised backgrounds and it is important that we pay attention and raise these voices and stories up.

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